Bei Regen am Hafen von Sydney. Auch die Oper.

Foto: Ian Stehbens

(Gefunden bei Ordinary finds)


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  1. 1 felix

    Wunderschön ! Tolle Stimmung

  2. 2 Ian Stehbens

    I trust that each viewer is able to imagine the sensory privilege of being here in the pouring rain, one warm summer night, assigned to witness the Opera House tucking away beneath the arm of its strong protector.

    I had promised to take some of my international guests to the city to see the city lights and to give them the privilege of a walk across the harbour bridge. But it turned out to be a very wet night. As the guests boarded the bus, someone commented that they wouldn’t be able to take any pictures tonight, as it was raining. I gently pointed out that every weather circumstance presents its own opportunities for photography. Little did I realise at that moment that I would be able to capture this image. What a joy it was, even in the taking! Perhaps “taking” is the wrong word for me as a photographer - I think “receiving” would be a better expression. It was raining heavily, and I did not have a tripod, but it just had to be received into the lens! A street bollard was better than a tripod, even though I couldn’t move it to where I would have liked - a little more to the right - out in the middle of the street.

    I didn’t mind rain on the lens - that was the environment I was enjoying - so the droplets have given special highlights. For me this is Iconic Sydney. The Harbour bridge. The Opera House. A Summer Thunderstorm. Pedestrians walking home from the theatre no matter what the weather. And the street furniture of the construction workers.

  3. 3 PeterGlaser

    Thank you, Ian.
    It’s a great picture.

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